Tutorial 4

A practical example of Double Betting's technique


What you'll need

Betfair account with money already deposited

Open your account at the first bookmaker on our bonuses list, and deposit the amount requested.


Watch the movie

Learn step-by-step and in a detail.


We will now show you how DoubleBetting’s technique works using a simple and brief example. On this tutorial, we will also guide you through the steps you need to match your bets.


For instance, we will assume that the Bookmaker used in this example is offering a 30€ Stake Returned Bonus only to new costumers who make a minimum deposit of 30€. The bonuses are only credited after the costumers have wagered all the minimum deposited amount. We will open our account and deposit our money there.

Having our account opened, we will search for a sports event to place our first bets. Our preference goes to sports matches with unlikely outcomes, in which the difference between its odds at Betfair and at the Bookmaker is lower than 0,15.

After a couple of minutes of search, have found the following Italian football match:

Fiorentina vs Parma

The Odd to place a Normal Bet on the Draw is:

3.5 at the Bookmaker


The Odd to place a Lay Bet on the Draw at Betfair is: 3.55



We suggest you to always check the match stats and the results from the previous seasons. That way it's a lot more easier to make better decisions on the outcomes you place your bets on.

As you see, the value displayed below our lay odd is 856€ which corresponds to the stake allowed. Thus we will not have any problems having our 30€ lay bet matched.


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