Official Tutorial

Before getting started


What you'll need

You will need a minimum initial investment amount from 90€ to 130€.

You have to be at least 18 years old, adult age.

It’s essential for you to have a bank account. We recommend you to use a home banking account.

You will need either your check card or your credit card.

For security reasons, bookmakers will ask you to send them personal documentation as a proof of identity. We suggest you to have a picture of your ID and a document asserting your address hosted in your e-mail, so you can send them whenever you have to. In some countries users are allowed to use their driver’s license copy to prove their ID, if the document has the address on it.


Watch the movie

Learn step-by-step and in a detail.


Now that you've realized how Double Betting's technique works you will learn the steps to get it started.


Step 1: After reading these six steps you should read all the other tutorials very carefully. Participate in our community and answer all your remaining questions.

Step 2: You must now create your Moneybookers account. It will act as an online bank account, and thus you will be able to easily move your money between your Bookmakers accounts, your Betfair account and your bank account. Withrawals from your Moneybookers e-wallet to your bank account are much faster if you use your check card. 

Step 3: Deposit your money in your Moneybookers account.


All the information you need to create your Moneybookers account is provided in the "other tutorials" section.

Step 4: Access to our Bookmakers List, and use our Betfair link and the link of the first bookmaker in the list to create your betting accounts, in order to guarantee your signup bonuses.


Make sure you always read all the information and rules available for each bonus as they depend on the Bookmaker.

Step 5: If you have not registered yet, join our community now and answer all your remaining questions about your first matched bet in the proper section. 

Step 6: Once you feel 100% ready place your first matched bet. Do not forget to keep track of your bets using the "shared logs" tool provided in our website. You will find it next to the matched betting calculator. It will also assist you in finding good odds.

Step 7: Become an active member in the forums. There is much to learn about no risk sports betting besides matched betting. You will also be able to access our members-only areas and profit with our exclusive promotions.