Official Tutorial

Wallet Management

Before reading this tutorial, please ensure you have read our Betfair Exchange Guide.

As you already know, all lay bets carry a liability value which is lost if you win at the bookmaker you were betting on instead of Betfair.


Do not forget that the above-mentioned value is won at the bookmaker, which makes it impossible to make us lose our money!

It is very important to avoid at all costs withdrawing from the bookmaker for various reasons: As the bookmaker will have expenses, they may terminate the bonus due to those expenses and even exclude members from temporary extra bonuses for causing those expenses.

There are a few simple rules that help avoiding those withdrawals:

  • The betting odds should be at least 2,5 and no greater than 4; by placing a bet with a lower odd, you will be increasing the probability of winning on the bookmaker. By betting on odds greater than 4 you will be sustaining great risk of transferring a considerable amount from Betfair to the bookmaker you are betting on if you lose at Betfair.
  • Divide the deposit and bonus value between several bets, for betting higher amounts will, in case of losing at Betfair, increases the funds to a higher value on the bookmaker. This rule is not applied to free bets with stake not returned.
  • Do not bet on odds on which the liability is greater than 40% of your Betfair's money so that, if in an unlucky streak the bet is won at the bookmaker, you may still have enough funds at Betfair and you may still be able to apply DoubleBetting’s technique without having the need to request an withdrawal. However, this rule is not applied on the first couple of gaming sites, for it is almost inevitable to violate it.
  • Bet in markets that you do know / study the games on which you are betting.
  • Keep a record of the bets made with the registering tool offered by DoubleBetting to its members.

So, who wins with DoubleBetting?

  • Members, for they are generating profit;
  • The bookmakers, when you lose your stakes there;
  • Betfair, because it profits from the quotas that charges every time you win a bet.
  • DoubleBetting, with commissions given by the bookmakers guaranteeing the maintenance of the site and all assistance to its members.

Now that you have understood DoubleBetting’s technique, lets have a look on what you need to get started.