Official Tutorial

DoubleBetting’s loop



Make sure you have read all the previous information in order to fully understand the following step.

Considering the example from the previous tutorial we will assume that Chelsea won the match. We’ve placed a bet on West Ham at the bookmaker and thus we have lost all our stake there.

At the same time we placed a lay bet on West Ham at Betfair (matching our odds) which we won. This allowed us to transfer the money lost at the bookmaker to Betfair, as the money won at Betfair corresponds to the money lost at the Bookmaker.

As we have lost the amount of our first deposit at the bookmaker, a stake returned free bet will now be credited in our account.


Use our Glossary to find out what types of bonuses are provided by the Bookmakers.

Our objective now is to extract the free bet money remaining in our account at the bookmaker (our profit will come from this bonus). For that we will start DB’s betting technique all over again, using a similar sports match to the previous example, to extract the bonus to Betfair.

After extracting our money, deposited amount + profit, to Betfair it is now time to move on to the next Bookmaker and get another deposit bonus.

  • Create a new account at the next bookmaker in the list provided in our website, following the hyperlink to assure your bonus.
  • Withdraw from Betfair the amount you need to get the next Bookmaker’s bonus.
  • Deposit the required amount in your wallet at the next Bookmaker’s website, and start DoubleBetting’s technique from the beginning to extract the new bonus to Betfair.

Unfortunately we will not win all the bets we place at Betfair as we wanted.

Everytime we lose a bet at Betfair and win it at the Bookmaker we will have to apply DoubleBetting’s technique all over again, until we have transferred the money we have at the Bookmaker to Betfair.

In case we lose several bets at Betfair transferring all the money we have there to the Bookmaker, we must withdraw some amount of our money from the bookmaker to Betfair in order to continue applying DoubleBetting’s technique.

Withdrawals from Bookmakers must be avoided at all costs even when allowed. You will understand why in the next step.