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How Double Betting works.

Now that you are aware of where Double Betting technique’s earnings come from and that your objective is to lose your bets at the bookmakers and to win them at Betfair, we will teach you how everything really works.

Every sports event available at a bookmaker has a respective odd. It varies with the outcome’s probability. When you place a bet on an outcome, it’s odd will determine how much money you’ll earn with it.

As your objective is to lose your bet at the bookmaker and to win your lay bet at Betfair, you should:

  • Find events with high odds, equal or higher than 2.5, so it is more likely you will win at Betfair;
  • Make sure that the closeness between the odd at the bookmaker and the lay odd at Betfair for the same outcome is small enough, the difference between the odds should be equal or lower than 0.15.

This will help you maximize your profit.

There is a Matched Betting Calculator provided in our website. It was designed to provide matched betting players a calculation of the best values to place on your bets at Betfair, giving them the exact value to obtain the maximum profit possible.

The betting values provided are calculated regarding your stake (betting amount) at the Bookmaker as well as the closeness between the odds chosen at the Bookmaker and at Betfair.


You must always place your lay bet at Betfair in the first place.

We will firstly have to search for a sports event to bet on.

Take a football match between Chelsea FC and West Ham for example, and lets consider the odds at the Bookmaker and at Betfair:


The most likely outcome is Chelsea’s victory, as it has the lowest odd. Regarding the remaining possibilities (Draw and West Ham), you may notice that the closeness between their back odd (at the Bookmaker) and their lay odd (at Betfair) is really big, and suites us perfectly for our bet.

In this case we would choose to bet on West Ham, as it has the biggest odd from all and at the same time, the biggest closeness between both back and lay odds.

What we have to do now is to insert our odds values and our stake (betting amount) in Double Betting’s Calculator, and it will give us the exact stake to place our lay bet at Betfair.

We place two simultaneous bets to ensure all possible outcomes are covered.

Double Betting's technique is now concluded. Let's check our results…


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