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How do i make money at no risk?

As we have told you before, the profit from DoubleBetting’s technique is taken from the signup bonuses given by bookmakers.

Bookmakers offer these free bets and deposit bonuses in order to attract new costumers. These offers are only provided after wagering a minimum amount, depending on the bookmaker's offer.


Find out with our Glossary what types of bonuses are provided.


Why is it necessary to extract the bonuses?

Once the bonus offer is credited into your account, your money is attached to the bookmaker until you have fulfilled the bonus terms and conditions. You cannot withdraw any of your money until then. This means that you have to first wager a certain amount during a number of times depending on the bookmaker, before you are able to withdraw your money, which makes it really difficult and long for anyone to make it without losses, regarding the risk involved.

This is where DoubleBetting’s technique helps you getting your sure profit from sports betting: Extracting to your Betfair account the money deposited and the bonus offered locked in Bookmaker's account.


Why Betfair?

With Betfair you don’t have any withdrawal conditions to fulfill. Hence, all your money and your bonuses stuck at the other bookmakers are unlocked once you lose them there and win them at Betfair. By doing so, you will be “transferring” your money from the bookmaker to Betfair.

DoubleBetting provides you a list of more than 30 bookmakers, each one of them offering signup bonuses for new costumers.

All members of DoubleBetting also get exclusive bonuses that we arrange with our bookmaker partners.

You must always register at the bookmakers using the links provided in our website, to make sure you get all our exclusive bonuses.

In order to benefit from all the bonuses and to assure your profit, it is necessary to deposit money at the bookmaker and at Betfair at the first place.

The bonuses set from our website is sorted by difficulty levels, regarding the effort needed for each betting house to extract each respective bonus, so new users may start earning from the easiest bookmaker with no problems, and thus getting as much earnings as possible.

We strongly recommend you to start betting with DoubleBetting’s technique with an initial balance of no less than 90€ to 130€. This amount should be doubled 10 days later.