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Help us keeping Double Betting alive

In order to keep Double Betting a reliable way of making money at no risks, we ask our members to consider the following recommendations:

Avoid withdrawing your money at the bookmakers

Although it is unusual, many Bookmakers tend to give extra bonus offers to users who give them profits. 

Whenever you lose your stakes at the Bookmakers and win your lay bets at Betfair, you are contributing to maintenance of our community, as Double Betting gains a commission over the Bookmakers profit.

This way Double Betting assures a trustful assistance and its quality of service and manages to finance the web site's expenses. These commissions are also used to create contests and promotions for our community, and to negotiate exclusive bonuses for all our users.

If you have to withdraw... rebalance your bookmaker's account later

Though bookmakers profit with the stakes you lose, they can easily detect users who only register to get the bonus offered, considering them as bonus hunters.

If you don't want to be labeled as a bonus hunters by the bookmakers, we suggest you to always make an extra 5€ deposit at the Bookmaker after transferring all your stakes to Betfair. This way, you will not only be contributing for your profile's reputation, but also for the rest of our community's.

Following this procedure you will contribute for your profile's reputation, and for the whole community as well. Hence Double Betting will be able to guarantee more exclusive bonus offers for all our members, and thus more profits.

Follow our recommendations and you will maximize your Double Betting profits

In case you disagree with our rules, or if you are simply not interested in collaborating with us, we kindly ask you not to use our links. Otherwise you will be compromising the profits from other members. By doing so, you will not be allowed to get our exclusive bonus offers and our bookmakers assistance.


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