Tutorial 2

Create your Moneybookers account.


What you'll need

You will need either your check card or your credit card.


To apply DoubleBetting’s technique there are several ways to deposit funds into your betting account at the bookmakers and transferring money between them.

The most recommended deposit methods on DoubleBetting are those that recur to the use of online accounts. You only need to deposit the funds into an account specifically created in your own name, and from that account you can deposit and withdraw from the bookmakers. Whenever you wish, you may also withdraw the funds directly to your bank account.

The reason for recommending this method is the fact that it is accepted in most bookmakers and allows you to save a Great deal of time between transfers. Say you are using your credit card to deposit funds into the bookmakers, you’d have finished the method on the first bookmaker and you’d have to withdraw funds from Betfair so that you could deposit at the next bookmaker, right? The thing is, if you’d be using your credit card, that bank operation would take 3 to 5 days coming through, and with Moneybookers would only take 24 hours top(generally it doesn’t even take half of that).


With Moneybookers you can also shop at websites like e-Bay.

You will now learn to create your Moneybookers account and how to deposit funds with your credit card.

1 – Create your Moneybookers account

Go to Moneybookers site and click on Register.

Make sure you have properly inserted your personal information in your registration form before following the Next step.


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