New features available at Double Betting!


Hi everyone!


Double Betting has from now on a brand new feature at your disposal in the Tools Section.

This new feature will enable you to follow the odds shared by other members at Double Betting. You will also be able to follow the shared logs on your dashboard or by e-mail as well.


Whenever you choose to follow a certain member, you will automatically receive warnings and updates from the odds shared by that member in your dashboard or by e-mail. The notifications e-mail service can be activated or deactivated in the Settings menu.


This feature is extremely useful for members who are simultaneously using the same bookmaker, or even for friends who are getting started with matched betting at the same time and wish to follow a common betting strategy, etc.


And last but not the least, we have got another new feature available:

Search results filtering: You may now filter the shared logs searching results according to an username, bookmaker, market or match. For that you only need to complete the respective brackets.


Feel free to add your suggestions in this thread. If there is any problem related to these new features you wish to report, you can also post it here!