how to profit always with no-loose bonuses




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There are some bonuses in our list that are no-loose. This means that you will only get them if you win your bet at Betfair.

So in this kind of bonus you will only profit if you loose your first bet at the Bookie and win at betfair, other way you won't make any profit.

However there is a simple tip that can change this  

It is prety simple: just turn the option of freebet from the calculator on, for your first bet at the bookie, and bet at betfair the given value. In this case the profit will be smaller but will be guaranteed.

What does this do?

When you turn the freebet option on the value given to you to bet at betfair will be smaller, so its liability will also be smaller. So, if you bet a bigger value at the bookie than at betfair and if you win at betfair you will win less money than you loose but you still have the bonus to cover it and give you profit. If the opposite occurs you will win more money at the bookie than you loose at betfair!

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